New – Bursary Application

New – Bursary Application

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As part of lead SA, Festicol FET College offers a maximum of 50% bursary (Education financial assistance) each year to 250 candidates with current financial difficulty. These turn to be a pillar stone to student who are very interested in furthering their education but are having financial challenges in pursuing their dream.

You may quickly click here; download form and apply to grab your chance before it’s too late for current bursary entries.

Who Qualify?

Any person can apply for bursary at Festicol FET College Pretoria but priority first goes to a student with financial difficulty example;

  1. Having lost a parent or both.
  2. Parent old to work only earning government grand
  3. Low family income (Parent(s) salary small for family expenses. Etc

How to Apply

It only takes a maximum of seven (7)days for approval should applicant submits all supporting documentations it’s very easy and free to apply just follow one of two steps

  1. just download form complete the application questions and submit document to our admin office, e-mail  or fax application to us form
  2. Visit our office in Pretoria and one of our friendly consultants will assist you with your bursary application.


2014 Bursary application closing date is Dec 10 2013. It may be extended but not too sure 

Apply Bursary Now