At Festicol College, we offer lectures in UNISA modules on different faculties.
These lecture are done during Evenings on week days and during the day on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), and
Special arrangement can be made for lessons at convinience of a learner.

Day, Evening and weekend Classes on UNISA Lectures on the following faculties.
Science and Engineering Technology (All BSC Modules)
Economics and Management Sciences (Faculty of Commerce all Modules)
Human Sciences (BA degrees)
Mechanical, Electrical, Mining and Civil Engineering (All Modules)

NB. – There is free internet access with every faculty
We teach, revise previous exam papers and give you exams tips

5:00pm to 8:00pm is only our working hours for evening classes but a student spend only the time that is on his/her time table of studies. Special arrangement can be made for lessons at convinience of a learner.
Below are some modules that we offer lecture on the UNISA calendar.
UNISA Subjects We Lecture in The Department of BSC
COS101S: Theoretical computer science 1
COS111U: Intro to Programming 1
COS112V: Intro to programming 2
COS113W: Computer systems
FAC1502: Accounting concepts, principles & procedures
INF1059: Intro to business info systems
INF1208: Human computer interaction 1
INF1511: Visual programming 1
MAT103N: Linear algebra
CSS101H: Comprehension skill for science
ICT2621: Structured system analysis & design
ICT2622: Object oriented analysis
COS211X: Programming data structures
COS2144: Programming contemporary concepts
COS201V: Theoretical computer science 2
COS2213: Computer organisation
COS2338: Numerical methods 1
COS261C: Formal logic 2
COS2269: Computer networks 1
INF2611: Visual programming 2
STA1610: Intro to statistics
UNISA Subjects We Lecture in The Department of Economic and Management Science
INM1013: Intro to economic and management environment 1A
INM1024: Intro to economic and management environment 1B
MNB101D: Business Management 101
MNB102E: Business Management 102
ECS1016: Economics 1A (Economics 1016)
ECS102-8: Economics 1B
FAC1502: Accounting concepts, principles & procedures
FAC1601: Accounting reporting
DPA101P Accounting systems in a computer environment
DSC1630: Intro financial maths
CLA101S: Commercial law 1A
CLA104V: Commercial law 1B
EUP1501: End-user computing (Information system
INF1511: Visual programming 1
QMG102: Quantitative management
ACN101-M: Intro to accounting 1A
ACN102: Intro to accounting 2B
TRT101X: Intro to tourism
IOP103P: Customer service in tourism
ICT2621: Structured system analysis & design
ICT2622: Object-oriented analysis
DPA202T: Practical accounting data processing
MNG2016: General management
AUE201L: Intro to the theory of auditing & audit practice
AUE202M: Intro to the performing of the audit process
AUI2016: Intro to internal auditing
MNF2023: Financial Management
MNK203R: Enterprise risk management
FAC2601: Financial accounting for companies
FAC1502: Accounting concept
FAC1601: Accounting reporting
ACN203S: Cost accounting and control
TXN201B: Taxation of individuals
TXN202C: Deceased & insolvent estates
TXN203D: The taxation of business income
CLA201V: Commercial law 2A
CLA202W: Commercial law 2B
DSC1630: Intro financial mathematics
MNM202Y: Marketing management
MNH202C: Human resource management
TRL201X: Transport management
UNISA Subjects We Lecture in The Department of Engineering
MAT1511: Mathematics (Precalculus B) and all first levels Mathematics
CSS101H: Comprehension skills for science
EUP1501: End-user computing practical (Information system)
PHY1015: Elementary Mechanics (Physics 1015) and relevant PHY modules
APM1612: Mechanics II
DSC1510: Intro to the business world and relevant DSC 1st and 2nd level modules
STA1501: Descriptive statistics and probability and relevant statistic or STA modules
GGH101Q: Intro to Geography
CHE101N: General chemistry A and relevant CHE modules
BLG111H: Basic Biology and relevant BLG modules

Remember that we offer more than the above mentioned modules therefore it is advised to call our Admin for further assistance, should you not find particular modules that you may be interested in.