Q – Do i qualify to study at Festicol?

A – Yes everyone welcome to register with us depending on what you intend to study. We offer Adult, Basic and Further education and training.

Q – Does Festicol offer part and fulltime studies?

A – Yes, the college caters for both part and full time tuition.

Q – Can i register for a course or qualification and change it later to another?

A – Yes, one can always change. For the same faculty you can transfer your relevant credits to another course. All you have to do is to visit the college registrar and effect desired change.

Q – Can i get advice or counselling before i register for a course?

A – Yes, Festicol has Bureau for Student Counselling and Career Guidance that is willing and able To assist you

Q – Is there provision for extra classes?

A – Yes you can apply for classes.

Q – Can students from outside South African boarders study at the college?

A – Yes we are a registered service provider that is accredited to train any person including International students. Assistance in the form of admission letters to students who comply With the terms and conditions of registration will be furnished for presentation to Embassy.

Q – Can a learner register for more than one qualification at a time?

A- Learners could register for more than one qualification at a time, but it will depend on Qualification. We advise students to contact admissions department for guidance.

Q – Does Festicol College help with job placement?

A – Yes we provide assistance to our graduates with internship and full employment, One can drop C.V at reception and we put it in database for channelling to employment Agencies.

Q – Does college offer bursaries to students?

A- Yes, College offers bursaries to students who qualify after successfully registering.